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I love creating and products with soul. Everything you find in my store truly resonates with me and carries a story. I work and source based on my feelings, without targets or seasons. I believe in collecting items we really appreciate. For you and me this both makes it exciting and lively. Let's see what the world has to offer and where creation leads us. With love, Jackie

New in shop!

 Discover my latest drop, the Batik Collection.

Along the way

Trial & error with my shop

My shop has issues with the checking out page. I can't blame anyone but myself so no one is fired (lol, how to fire in a onemanshow?). Anyway, in some kind of way this is exactly why I love working on my passion project.
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Lost or found

This weekend I did my first Reiki course. It was something I was supposed to do because of my holistic teacher program. I felt a bit resistant about going, because the program I am following, made me realize how grounded I am. Doing things with energy, started feeling vague.
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New ways!

I switched my mind several times about where I wanted to go with House of Jackie Jane and one day I decided to connect to myself and do what feels good. now is the way.
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